El Castillo de Relajamiento - Cabinas of San Ramon, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is the perfect vacation get away, suitable for beachlovers, nature enthusiasts, excursion seekers, or simply someone who wants to relax and escape the world. This tiny Central American country features stunning natural beauty, a diversity of activities, friendly locals, and a laid back lifestyle. Costa Rica covers only 0.1% of the planet’s land mass, yet features over 5% of the world’s biodiversity. This is seen within twenty six national parks and protected zones; a paradise showcase of pristine jungles, rich and exotic foliage, and marvelous wildlife. Local volcanoes exhibit the power and beauty of the earth, with the constant glow of hot rocks and red lava.

The links below provide useful information for your vacation to Costa Rica. The ‘fast facts’ link provides interesting reading, from general area and governmental facts, to useful information for vacationers specifically. Note the northwest location of the capital city of San Jose and nearby San Ramon on the country map, both cities providing for a short drive to Puntarenas and its beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. To maximize your stay in Costa Rica, check out our Activities & Attractions link as well as the Daily Excursions link. Simply click any link below for a larger view and printout. Contact Cesar, our Property Manager and activity coordinator, today to arrange your next vacation with us!
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